“Thank you for all the recovery information. It was a powerful meeting. It actually really helped me the very next day to practice knowing my virtues as an incident had triggered me to think negative thoughts about myself. I turned my thoughts around by remembering to think of my virtues I have. It helped to remember that I’m not so bad after all.”

CB, Boston

My heart opened up in the safe space that Lynn and Kay created. It was incredible to finally open up to others and realize we are all human and all in the same boat.


Family retreat Denise

This has been a healing weekend for me. I have been able to see more clearly the conditioning and stories I tell myself from an individual and also familial and inter-generational context. We are at the end of the retreat and I feel a huge baggage has been lifted. I feel hopeful about what is in store for me coming up. Thank you Kay and Lynn for providing this space and thank you everyone for your courage. Inspiring. Much gratitude.

Family retreat L.W. - Germany

I’ve learned how much addiction is a family disease; how my experiences and my family’s are so interwoven. I’ve learned a great deal about the events of my mom and sister and how much these events have shaped our family dynamic. I’ve mostly learned to open my heart and mind to the love that is so close to me.

Family retreat ~Sam

You have created a safe space of deep respect and acceptance in which to explore my deepest self. I realize the other “strangers” in the group are actually experiencing many of the same things I am–the commonality of human experience. Your facilitation brings relief and new hope.

M.J. Alaska

This weekend was one of the most magically eye-opening experiences of my life. I have learned so much about myself and feel a connection that will last forever with this group. I wish this could be done once a month and that I could share this with people close to me. Very honored and thankful for this opportunity.

Family retreat participant

I didn’t know something like this existed in the world. I want everyone I know to experience this!

Kiloby Family Services retreat participant

“I have been in many, many family programs over the years. Somehow, the way you explain things so clearly is finally understandable to me. I can now see what I have been doing to overfunction and my contribution to the addictive process.”

Kiloby Family Services participant Father of alcholic

“The role play with you last week was so helpful. Lo and behold, my son came at me with the exact request we had practiced. This time I was prepared and my response left him speechless. I am ready to stop rescuing and focus less on him and more on me.”

Kiloby Family Services participant Mother of son addicted to heroin

“The assignment helped me immensely because it helped me see what I was doing. I thought I really had a handle on it, but when you are talking and people are giving you feedback it helps me realize what the real situation is. I come away empowered by knowing what my real issue is.  You enlighten and empower me.  You don’t know the impact you’ve made on my life.”

Family Retreat participant President, Family Business

“Your calm and centered presence helped us keep on target.  What became clear in this meeting very quickly is that our original CEO succession plan led us down a wrong path and it won’t work…I count on you for helping me to evaluate people at the firm.  You know how to present difficult information and have it received without intimidating the person.  You have great organizational skills and have developed an excellent group of professional people to assist in a transition…You are very good at identifying paradigms that need to shift and shifting our culture in a more positive direction.”

Kathy Cheevers President, Cheevers Inc.

“Dear Dr. Kay,

How good you must feel to have guided our family on the path of success!  I do think your calm demeanor and steadfast resolve were the determining factors that led to our breakthrough. All of my family were very impressed with you and look forward to working with you again. Again I can’t thank you enough for your efforts. You are a remarkable person. I imagine you have helped many people during your career and that must bring you great personal satisfaction. We are grateful to be recipients of your skills and your kindness. I’m looking forward to our next meeting in February.”

3rd Generation Owner of Family Business

Using her Breakthrough DialogueTM process Kay Vogt masterfully creates a safe environment where individuals and families may speak openly and honestly with one another to overcome the emotional roadblocks to their common goals for the future. I have participated in one of her workshops and experienced firsthand the powerful and transformative impact of her approach to effective communication.

Dean Fowler, Ph.D. President, Dean Fowler Associates

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